Toby learnt from other entertainers that by using a mascot many barriers are broken.

The mascot is only used at venues and functions where the use of a mascot is acceptable.

Toby's mascot is a monkey called Michael and has social media #pianomonkey76 and  has several outfits for different occasions and even his own facebook page.  Monkey has traveled across the UK and New York all can been seen on his facebeek page.

Often playing in care homes Toby realized that placing the monkey on the piano helped to relax residents whom suffer from dementia as the soft toy helps to relax the residents especially if they are feeling nervous.

When asked why a monkey Toby explained that in the era of the barrel street piano a monkey was often used to dance on the piano and to collect money, Michel is a homage to those days.

You can follow Monkey on  his travels and adventures on facebok, click the link at the bottom of the page

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